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Success Stories2022-09-12T10:09:00+00:00

Fast growing B2B companies from 26+ countries have discovered a better way to scale without complexity.

  • Innophase Case Study
    Case Study

    A venture funded semiconductor start up chooses UPilot after evaluating 40 other CRMs

    A seasoned VP of sales from a venture funded semiconductor company with extensive experience in Salesforce and Oracle, decides to test drive 40 new generation CRMs to build and scale his global sales team. In this video, he reveals his secret formula for evaluating CRMs and how he decided to use UPilot to grow the company.

  • Cell Point Mobile Case Study
    Case Study

    CellPoint Mobile — Global sales expansion through time zone flexibility, remote management, and snappy adoption

    CellPoint Mobile helps airlines do business in the direct channel with passengers, and helps them increase revenue and margins dramatically. With their solutions in place, airlines typically see an incremental increase of 4.5% to 9.5% in revenue with just the current footfall!

  • Scalability Solutions Case Study
    Case Study

    How UPilot Helped The Recruitments Specialists Grow Their Business

    Scalability Solutions® are team growth strategists, who help their clients with candidate vetting, custom role-based onboarding, and retention. They are creating a world where people are happy, fulfilled, and empowered at work by transforming the way organisations build and lead their teams.

  • HNME Case Study
    Case Study

    HNME — Auto-generated Reports for hours saved every week.

    Automated data entry and reports lead to team and time efficiency – no preparation for the benefit of action

  • Brillant Noise Case Study
    Case Study

    Brillant Noise — Automatic cash flow projections

    With Brands like Adidas, Fit-bit, Porsche, American Express, Jaguar, etc. under their belt, Brilliant Noise based in England is barrelling ahead and growing faster every year.

  • Sumac Case Study
    Case Study

    SUMAC — Team structure for detailed insights

    Learn how UPilot helps SUMAC manage multiple teams with data visibility in different regions and currencies to create a single currency forecast

  • Multicoreware Case Study
    Case Study

    How smart collaborator function helps regional executives access contacts and deals

    Learn how Multicoreware, two-time Inc. 500 company, manages complex deals with several collaborators using the unique collaborator function.

  • Panacea Case Study
    Case Study

    Automated lead acquisition using bespoke data from several sources

    Learn how Panacea Patient Recruitment leverages UPilot's API access and integrations to automatically capture all leads with bespoke data from numerous sources to start their recruitment process. The time it takes to reply to patients has been lowered from 3 hours to 3 minutes thanks to our automated lead and data collecting solution.