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The never-ending upgrade towards the “Enterprise Plan” is the enemy.

— San Bhaskaran, Chief Evangelist and CEO – UPilot

How UPilot is simplifying the killer complexities of the CRM industry.

Here is the problem. Most CRMs ends up becoming expensive and meant for large enterprise businesses. However, small business CRMs lack the growth-enabling features necessary for your business to grow.

So what exactly are these growth-enabling features and, why are they masked as enterprise features in most CRMs?

To understand this, you need to think like a CRM company and learn a little bit about large enterprises. So when you combine it with what fast-growing companies do differently, you will get the picture.

A CRM company’s dream customer is an enterprise-scale company. Why? There are two ways to solve problems: with your money or time. Small companies hold on to money and lose time, whereas big companies throw money at problems to buy time…

When a big company needs a CRM feature locked away – it will throw more money. In contrast, a small company will try to find workarounds, eventually getting stuck in an incomplete CRM solution.

CRM companies cast a huge net to catch large customers who will keep upgrading their CRM to get what they need to grow their business. Unfortunately, most small companies end up becoming the by-catch.

You have seen a bit about the pattern there; the question is, what is the crucial difference between a small business that grows and one that does not grow? There are several things, but we will discuss one critical aspect here.

Growing companies are good at forecasting and backcasting.

Forecasting is standing in the past, looking forward, and thinking about the future.

Backcasting is standing in a different future you want to be in and thinking about what will take you there.

When you do proper backcasting, you will realize that your business needs to add some critical aspects today to get to the future you want. Most of the time, the missing piece is production capacity: salesperson, machinery, equipment, or people you need to invest in advance to reach that goal.

And the way to fill that gap and make those investments upfront is through forecasting. It is nothing but asking how big my deals pipeline should be to close enough deals to make the target revenue needed to build the capacity.

It is as straightforward as that – you do this over many cycles, and soon you have the production capacity needed to get to the future you backcasted!

Well, where are the features needed to forecast your sales hidden? – you guessed it right – In the enterprise plans of CRMs.

Our enemy is the enterprise plan of CRMs.. our goal is to roll out as many features as possible to you, not find some creative ways to push you through a funnel of escalating costs.

We built UPilot keeping your business growth in mind.

Life before and after UPilot

Most of our customers are people who have gone through the cycle of being stuck in spreadsheets, small business solutions and painful and costly legacy software that no one uses.

For our existing customers, UPilot has consistently given 70% cost reduction, ten times faster rollout and enthusiastic adoption by sales people that leads to real insights needed for growth.

UPilot is used by companies to manage hundreds of millions in revenue, which means for a fast-growing company, we have all features built-in for scalability that you can get up and running without huge implementation costs and complexity.

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Story behind our logo

The UPilot logo is inspired by the altitude meter inside an aircraft’s dashboard that indicates the angle of the plane in comparison to the horizon. This instantly shows whether you are climbing, heading down, or cruising.

The UPilot logo embodies our passion in making systems you can take with you on your business journey, making it an exciting and productive experience.

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