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A team of 100 can be set up in days.
Easy to implement role-based access.
Higher user adoption.
Simple and transparent pricing.
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UPilot Radar Who did what and when - get the complete picture check check check
Role-based access Manage more than 2 levels of user access level and Roles to scale your business check check check
Contact Management A complete view of all your leads, prospects, customers, partners, etc. check check check
Contacts Kanban Pipeline A new innovative way to manage a large number of leads with 3 unique views. check check check
Smart Lists Segment your contacts and deals into auto-updating easily manageable groups check check check
Auto Enrichment Automatic enrichment of contact data. check check check
Duplicate Blocking Warns the user if a contact already exists before creating new ones. check check check
Deals Kanban Pipeline Drag-and-drop your deals to different stages to accurately track progress check check check
Manual Probability Override Change the probability of individual deals without changing the stage to get accurate sales forecasts check check check
Cash Flow Projections Cash Flow Projections check check check
Sales Forecasts Accurate and automatic sales forecasts even for subscription revenues check check check
Forecast From Mixed Deals Forecast revenues from a mix of one time payments and recurring payments check check check
Manage Complex Deals Link and manage multiple stakeholders on a deal to win complex deals check check check
Composite Deal Timeline Discussions with various collaborators, internal or external, can be combined to create the deal timeline check check check
Deal Follow-up Monitoring Identify which deals are not being followed up in a glance check check check
Team Activity Tracking Find out what activities are contributing to increasing your pipeline check check check
Delegate and Monitor Tasks Easily assign tasks and see progress in a single view check check check
External Collaborators Collaborate with referral partners and consultants check check check
GSuite, Office 365, and Exchange server integration. A bidirectional sync of your email without the need for BCC links check check check
No 3rd party APIs used to sync emails Your data is not sent to any service providers. check check check
Email Visibility Hierarchy One time set up of who can see whose emails based on reporting. check check check
Email templates Shared and private email templates check check check
Zero email distractions Blocks all non work related emails from appearing in the CRM check check check
Document Management Add Quotes or Contracts as documents or as external links check check check
Mobile Android and iOS apps Add notes, update deal status, and view tasks on the go check check check
KPI Dashboard Measure Sales, closing ratios, time to sell, pipeline values of individuals and teams using ready to use dashboards. check check check
Sales and Opportunity Leaderboard Gamification through activity, opportunity, and sales ranking. check check check
Sales Goals Management Easily set and track the goals for the sales booked for your team across time-frames, responsible, etc check check check
Integration with 100s of Apps Connect with MailChimp, Xero, Trello, etc. check check check
Security - Data Manage who can export data or connect to external apps. check check check
Security - Mobile Remotely disable access/log off users from mobile phones in case it is lost check check check
Online knowledge base and email support Get up and running quickly with the self help articles on our help portal check check check
Audit logs Track the history of action by users in your account check check check
Multiple Teams Create different teams for different product lines/geographies. check check check
Multi-currency Manage deals in multiple currencies. check check check
Personal Languages Multicultural team members can set personal languages to French, Spanish, or Japanese check check check
Canadian Data center Choice of hosting data in Canada check check check
UK Data center Choice of hosting data in the UK check check check
Singapore Data center Choice of hosting data in the Singapore check check check
Germany Data center Choice of hosting data in the Germany check check check
India Data center Choice of hosting data in the India check check check
Advanced Custom Reports Highly personalised non-standard reports in multiple dashboards check check
Deep email sync Bring in upto 3 years of historic email into UPilot check check
Extended email history Extended email history in timelines check check
Linked UPilot accounts Management can seamlessly move across multiple instances of UPilot for different lines of business check check
Dedicated Support Get direct chat access to support agents online check check
Free Onboarding Our expert consultants take care of migrating, customising, onboarding and ongoing training check check
EEA Data center Choice of hosting data in the European Economic Area. check check
Increase your sales.
Predict your future revenues.
Gain valuable insights for growth.

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We’re happy to give you some more time. Just let us know and we’ll extend your trial.

Do I get a 14 day trial even if I decide to go for platform access?

Yes, everyone gets full feature access and a 14 day trial for free.

What happens if I decide not to continue after the free trial?

You can cancel at any time without hassle if you decide to cancel during or after your trial period.

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