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The path to complexity

Path to complexity

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  • Role-based access

    Go ahead and move the sliders below

    5760 contacts of everyone with the same role in the team
    Peer Group
    52 deals for which user is responsible are visible
    Own Data
  • Dashboard - Your Business Control Panel

    Start working "on" your business

  • Sales pipeline & forecasting

    Get the power to anticipate and make corrections

  • UPilot Radar

    Never miss critical emails and potential follow ups

  • 2-way email integration

    Send, track and use templates - no bcc emails - no manual linking

Your Business Control Panel

UPilot Radar and Insights give your team real-time analytics anywhere, anytime. Keep track of critical data with personalized dashboards and stay in control.

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Become a data-driven company.

Track all your customer interactions and KPIs in one place to increase communication within your sales team so you can shorten sales cycles and engage customers more responsively and efficiently.

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CRM for Sales and revenue forecasting

Empower your salespeople

Get more than six productivity add-ons in a single integrated platform that be turned on or off on demand, rather than having to wait for data sync and logging in onto and training multiple systems.

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And sales tools you need to grow sales

Implement role-based access in 3 clicks.

Exposing the performance of new sales hires to others, leads to performance issues, unhealthy competition and could end up in having to rehire and retrain again and again.

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Set rules and permissions in few clicks inside UPilot

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