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Most Sales Opportunities
Start with Great Support

Connect your sales and support team!

Boost customer acquisition by synchronizing sales and support teams on the same product. You can now identify and share opportunities seamlessly within the product. Issues arising from team separation are now a thing of the past.

Say goodbye to complex integrations, redundant licenses, and customer misalignment. Choose growth, accountability, and a unified customer experience.

Your Sales & Support CRM

No need for multiple licenses across different systems.

No costly integrations to bring together sales and support systems.

No control costs by removing inactive contacts and leads from the support software.

Reach your customers on their preferred channel
Reach your customers on their preferred channel
Ticketing system

Building and maintaining trust leading to growth

A fully integrated ticketing system acting as a central hub is the first step to building a great customer experience.

Weather your customer reaches out via email or messenger, via call or sms, everything nicely folded into tickets to give complete picture of how issues were resolved with instant vision on how long it has taken to resolve each ticket.

Never loosing context or ability to access an agreement that was signed or seeing what was promised to the customer during the sales process, without ever having to move and dig through another product!

Live Chat Support

Real-Time Connection, Real Sales Opportunities

Add the customizable UPilot Messenger to your product, app, or website to build real time with clear chat communication your customers and build lasting relationships.

Convert visitors to customers faster, when they are on your website with high intent to purchase.

Resolve queries, offer assistance, or upsell—right when your customer is most engaged.

Real-time solutions not only boost customer satisfaction but also can lead to increased sales and brand loyalty.

Your Custom Reports in UPilot
Engagement Tracking

When wast the last conventions any of your sales, marketing or support team had with your customer?

Team Inbox

Easily assign tickets, prioritize responses, and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Team Collaboration

Allow team members to communicate with each other right within the customer support interface.

Performance Analytics

Make data-driven decisions to refine your support strategy and ensure you’re always meeting customer expectations.

If you are facing any of this concerns, UPilot is made for you.

Can your customer service team spot opportunities with customer accounts and share them with the sales team in the same product?

Does your sales team have visibility on what customer issues are open while calling a customer to upsell?

Does your sales team have visibility into open customer issues before making upsell/referral calls?

Do you toggle between sales and support software to assess an account’s current status?

Have you considered removing inactive contacts and leads from the support software to control costs?

Have you considered or have already set up costly integrations to bring together sales and support systems – even from the same supplier?

Do you pay for multiple licenses for the same users in different systems only to give them a vision of what is happening in sales and support?

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For us, it’s really useful to have these reports related to our campaigns to make the information more accessible to our sales team.”