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Win both email marketing and sales! UPilot has partnered with Spike to help you build successful email strategies. ...

Why “I have nothing to hide” is the wrong approach to privacy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today data is captured by our smartphones, credit cards, voice assistants, video surveillance, social media, email, messaging, reading devices, gaming systems, entertainment providers, fitness trackers, biosensors, and dozens of other technological mediums.   Some people say that they hate that their data is taken up by companies,...

Doing this will help to achieve sales targets

The willingness to work towards the attainment of goals is a primary source of job motivation. Clear, particular, and challenging goals are more significant motivating factors than comfortable, general, and vague goals.   Specific and clear goals lead to higher output and better performance. Unambiguous, measurable, and...

UPilot Pricing Policy

Behind UPilot Pricing policy

UPilot is a customer-funded company, and hence we had a lot of freedom on taking the decision on how to treat our customers when it comes to product pricing.   The one question we asked was:   What would we truly want as a customer from a pricing point of...

Creating Urgency In Sales

In sales, time is everything. Most sales teams are driven by a sense of urgency, primarily because the world of sales revolves around the quarterly and yearly numbers.   When selling a complex solution, things can easily get stuck. In such cases maintaining the momentum is the...

3 Simple Hacks to Shorten Sales Cycle Length

In order to effectively manage sales teams, there are a few key sales performance metrics that you should monitor. Every sales manager's focus is to keep optimizing each metric to fine tune sales process and boost overall sales efficiency. So in this post we'll take...

Top 5 Sales Performance Metrics for Sales VPs & Managers

When it comes to selling, you're only as good as your numbers! In recent years, among various business activities 'marketing' has quickly evolved into a data-driven phenomenon. But unfortunately, sales hasn't caught up as quickly.   Just like marketing, sales is influenced by a number of factors...

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