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What makes Sales People turn off the CRM Software?

Published On: August 30, 20221.7 min readBy

The challenge most of the management teams and Sales Heads face while implementing a new Sales CRM tool is the poor adoption by the actual users – sales executives.

What is the true reason behind this poor CRM adoption?

There are many however one main reason which we have seen is that most companies prefer to have a ton of mandatory fields in their Sales CRM Software.

This is on the grounds that when they have a large sales team, so many of them end up not filling the data required by the Sales managers.

Do you have any idea about what happens when companies put more compulsory fields in their Sales CRM tool?

Even their most reliable sales reps stops using the CRM tool.

Because committed salespeople understands what information is critical and will capture them religiously.

Rather than rewarding such people, most CRM systems rebuff them by putting pressure to fill every one of the fields.

Also, most of the time, salespeople do not have all the data during the early stage of prospecting.

If you make all the fields mandatory, their CRM adoption goes for a toss. They go back to square one and start using MS-Excel.

For sales managers, this resembles shooting in their own feet.

At UPilot, we constantly research the pain points and challenges that sales people and managers face in reality and reorient our CRM product features based on that.

Our deep understanding about our users forced us to take a bold decision – no mandatory fields in our Sales CRM.

The CEOs and Sales Leaders who battled with us to have the mandatory fileds now appreciate us.

Because their sales teams’ CRM adoption is much higher and the management team gets all the critical data and insights they require to grow their revenues.

Henry Ford famously said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

At UPilot, we believe that when we build a revolutionary product, sometimes we need to disregard customers requests.

We need to travel beyond their surface-level needs in order to delight them.

You know what – a mother understands her child’s needs more than child itself.

This the underlying philosophy of UPilot’s product development strategy.

— San Bhaskaran, CEO of UPilot

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