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Why Small Medium Businesses need a Document Signing tool inside their CRM? (Interview with San-Part 3)

Published On: October 30, 20226.1 min readBy

Choose a Document Signing Tool that will increase the credibility of your brand. In this interview, San Bhaskaran from UPilot discusses the importance of having a document-signing tool inside the CRM.

Rajesh Srinivasan, the CMO of UPilot had another interesting conversation on the topic “Why Small Medium Businesses need a Document Signing tool inside their CRM?” with San Bhaskaran, the founder of UPilot. This interview will definitely be useful for any type of business who are currently looking to select a document signing tool in their CRM software itself.


Let’s get into the interview:

Rajesh: Hello San, thank you for coming in for an interview. Can you tell us more about the new document signing feature “Sign on Jet” that have been launched recently by UPilot?

San: Absolutely. The “Sign on Jet” feature is a really exciting addition to our product offerings. It allows users to sign documents electronically, which is not only more convenient but also more secure. We’re confident that this feature will be a big hit with our customers.

Basically, the process of document signing can be a major pain point for businesses, especially when multiple people are involved. This is the case with larger Enterprise customers, who often have to use complicated document signing solutions that can be expensive and difficult to use.

I’ve noticed that many businesses will have one or two people who are responsible for handling document signing, and they often have to send the documents back and forth between different people. This can be a major inconvenience and can kill the experience of doing business with your company.

And in small businesses, let’s say, if they have 20 sales people they wouldn’t have 20 DocuSign accounts. Rather, they will have one or two accounts. There are some options out there that can make document signing easier and more efficient, but they can be expensive. I think it’s important to find a solution that works for your business and that provides a good experience for your customers.

UPilot has recently developed a system that is easy to use and doesn’t require an additional investment. Our document signing solution is built into our CRM system, so every salesperson can use it without having to purchase a separate account. This makes it easy to send contracts and NDAs, and helps to create a seamless experience for your customers.

At UPilot, we are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and increase value. Our latest innovation is the Sign on Jet feature, which allows customers to sign their contracts directly in our CRM. This not only saves time and money, but it also provides a complete solution that is easy to use and 10x more valuable than other similar products on the market. We are committed to continuing to provide our customers with the best possible experience, and the Sign on Jet is just one of the many ways we are doing that.

The ability to sign documents electronically is becoming increasingly important in our digital world. Not only does it help to save time, but it also enhances the credibility of the sender. Sign On Jet is a document signing feature that offers users a number of advantages. First, it helps to increase the credibility of your brand by sending documents that are branded with your company logo and contact information.

Second, it makes salespeople more productive by allowing them to access and send documents from within their sales CRM platform. This eliminates the need to search for documents in multiple places and then update them in the CRM system. As a result, Sign On Jet can help to improve your company’s bottom line by making your employees more efficient and increasing the perceived value of your brand.

As any company knows, first impressions are essential. If a potential customer has a bad experience with your company, it can damage your reputation and cost you valuable business. That’s why many companies pay for expensive document signing solutions that help to create a smooth and professional experience. However, these solutions can be costly and difficult to implement.

So that is the challenge that we face and we are trying to solve it by making it more affordable and easy to use. In addition, we are also working on making sure that our partners, who are these large enterprises, can also offer DocuSign to their small business customers at a very attractive price point.

A lot of people have been asking about our pricing structure and what they can get for their money, so I wanted to take a moment to break it down. Our base package starts at just five dollars per user, and for that you get our full suite of CRM features, plus our document signing feature.

If you need more than that, we also offer an Enterprise package for just 21 dollars per user. That includes all the features of our base package, plus our advanced CRM features, plus priority support. And for those who need even more, we also offer a top-tier Enterprise package for just 49 dollars per user. That includes everything in the previous two packages, plus our highest level of support and exclusive access to new features as they’re released. So no matter what your needs are, UPilot have a pricing structure that will work for you.

Wen you invent new things for the market, you can also take the existing complex thing, break it down, and give the user only what they want. By eliminating all the other things and making it cost effective, you can provide value to the customer while also gaining market share.

This is an interesting philosophy that I think has merit. Obviously, there are times when a completely new product is needed. But there are also times when a simpler, more user-friendly version of an existing product can be just as successful – if not more so. I’m going to keep this philosophy in mind as I continue to develop new products and services. I think it could be a helpful guide in ensuring that we are creating things that customers actually want and will use.

I think you know the market is in such a way because the big Legacy CRMs don’t want to go out they don’t want to innovate, they don’t want to build, the next thing they want they’re very happy you know putting these add-ons into the market and the big Enterprise customers are happy to pay for these add-ons. If you think about it, the big Enterprise customers are locked in, right? They’re using these huge CRMs, and they’re not going anywhere.

They don’t want to switch because it’s such a pain. So, the legacy CRMs are just milking them for all they’re worth by adding on these little features that they charge a lot of money for. It’s a great business model for them, but it’s not so great for the rest of us. We need something new, and we need it now. The good news is, there are plenty of startups out there working on new CRM solutions that could revolutionize the market. It’s only a matter of time until one of them catches on and takes over.

Rajesh: That is true. I’m sure our customers will appreciate the added convenience and security. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, San.

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