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4 Challenges Small and Medium Businesses Face while implementing a new Sales CRM tool

Published On: August 30, 20221.3 min readBy

One of the primary reasons why most small and medium businesses do not grow quickly is because even though they have a great product or service, they do not have a system or process to grow their sales predictably.

In our experience, we have observed businesses face these four challenges that act as a stumbling block to growth;

  1. Most growing businesses do not have a sales CRM tool to effectively handle the sales pipeline.
  2. In some cases, they use the Sales CRM software of the legacy companies like Salesforce, Hubspot or Freshsales but get stuck because the most needed features for sales growth are hidden in the Enterprise plan and it is way costlier.
  3. Their sales team find it difficult to use the CRM tool because it is highly complex.
  4. Implementation costs are higher and it also takes a longer time.

One of our client’s transformation stories:

CellPoint Mobile, a company that helps airlines do business in the direct channel with passengers and increase their revenue had two challenges.

  1. They were rapidly expanding worldwide to more than 6 countries and needed a sales management system that required less training.
  2. If a system was complex and not adopted by sales staff, management would be at a loss to find out what is happening in the global offices.

The UPilot Solution

We implemented UPilot in their headquarters within 2 days and the team got full control of data access with no formal training.

The CEO, Kristian, was happy that he did not go for complex CRM systems. He felt enthusiastic adoption of salespeople in turn led to better data for the management.

He is also relieved of associated costs and additional certifications.

Like CellPoint Mobile, fast-growing companies from 26+ countries have discovered a better way to scale without complexity using UPilot.

— Rajesh Srinivasan (Chief Marketing Officer, UPilot)

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