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Sumac Case Study

SUMAC — Team structure for detailed insights

Learn how UPilot helps SUMAC manage multiple teams with data visibility in different regions and currencies to create a single currency forecast


SUMAC is a multinational design and construction company operating in both North and South America having successfully completed more than 83 million ft² of projects.

SUMAC is also a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and a member of the US Green Building Council.

SUMAC provides real estate development, owner’s representation, architecture, as well as consulting in sustainability and energy efficiency services.

Sumac wanted deal visibility by country and currency

SUMAC wanted to capture deal data naturally from all regions they operate in. They also required permissions to be set up in a way that only the users from the specific region should be able to see the deals in that region. Each region needed to be using their local currency.

Senior management wanted full access to all region data.

How UPilot solved the permissions puzzle with multiple teams and currencies

The in-depth multiple team management, reporting structure, and role based access permissions of UPilot provides an extremely flexible way of managing who can see what in UPilot.

We helped set up individual teams for each region with reporting structures and role based permissions and visibility ensuring that each region has access to only their data. At the same time, management and sales directors were able to view all data from multiple regions giving them a birds eye view of the entire business.

Utilising the multiple currency option, each region is also able to add in the deals in their own currency, such as Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Euros, and $US. Using an exchange rate defined internally by SUMAC, the management also gets an overview of the deals in their global accounting currency, US Dollars