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Brillant Noise Case Study

Brillant Noise — Automatic cash flow projections

“ I spent a crazy amount of time assessing the market and I really recommend UPilot. ”

— Maddy Cooper, Founding partner at Brillant Noise

Brighton, United Kingdom

Digital Marketing

Notable Clients:

With expertise in strategy, content, design, customer experience, data, web development, social media and more, they are the perfect team to go for in Europe when it comes to creation and execution of digital marketing strategy.


  • When you are investing for future and growing very fast, accurate revenue forecasting becomes life critical.
  • Was spending too much time on customising popular legacy CRMs.
  • Trouble getting accurate data entry.

The UPilot Solution

  • UPilot team studied their cash flow forecast requirements and found that it can be done easily and automatically.
  • Data from multiple systems and spreadsheets were moved over to UPilot.
  • Staff did not require much training as they were already using more complex solutions.


  • Clarity on cash flow projections with more accurate data.
  • Hours of management time saved every week collecting data and making projections.
  • Rapid expansion of the team with high CRM adoption and usage.