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Multicoreware Case Study

How smart collaborator function helps regional executives access contacts and deals

“ UPilot is a permanent tab open on my browser ”

— AGK Karunakaran - CEO, MulticoreWare

California, United States


Global offices locations:
California (HQ), Illinois, Missouri, Changchun, Beijing, and Chennai

Notable Clients:

A two-time Inc. 500 company, MulticoreWare Inc avoids slowing down for complex legacy CRM implementation.

MulticoreWare provides high-performance software libraries, tools, and development services. They offer best-in-class video, imaging, and computer vision software libraries, including x265 – the world’s leading HEVC/H.265 encoder, and UHDcode – a powerful cross-platform software HEVC decoder.

MulticoreWare’s solution architects include experts on machine learning and develop advanced deep neural networks for a variety of customer use-cases, including object recognition and identification.


  • Implementing a coordinated account based sales effort over 6 offices across the world.
  • Avoid long drawn CRM implementation and associated slowdown and costs.
  • Young and dynamic team resisted legacy CRMs that required certification.
  • Avoid extra costs of hiring CRM administrators.

The UPilot Solution

  • The CRM was customised to fit their sales process and the staff at HQ was onboarded in 4 hours!
  • Teams in Chennai and Changchun adopted the CRM with just one hour sessions.
  • Multiple sales people could now collaborate on their account based sales model.


  • Savings on activation costs, training delays, and low adoption issues.
  • No need to hire a dedicated CRM administrator.
  • Sales Managers could barrel ahead with growth.