Behind UPilot Pricing policy

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UPilot Pricing Policy

Behind UPilot Pricing policy

UPilot is a customer-funded company, and hence we had a lot of freedom on taking the decision on how to treat our customers when it comes to product pricing.


The one question we asked was:


What would we truly want as a customer from a pricing point of view? – What good/ bad experiences did we have so far? – These questions were the starting point.


We took out a piece of paper and drew a line in the middle and wrote down what we like and what we disliked in our experiences with product pricing online recently and on the other side, wrote, how it will impact our pricing policy.

The goal was simple, treat our customers how we would like to be treated.


One thing we did not like and decided not to do was showing a higher monthly payment to push people to buy annual options for the more reasonable price.
Examples of monthly pricing are $33/ month, but if you pay annually, it is $29.


We also decided to avoid the bait and switch models – with a surprise invisible roadblock when you try to upload that 4th document or want some reporting etc, your data is now in and kind of trapped to pay whatever is asked for. This always leaves with an unpleasant feeling when you start hitting a roadblock and have to keep unlocking and upgrading.

What you see should be what you get. 

So here it was: The outcome of my scribbling of what we would like a good company to do to US. And that is how the UPilot pricing policy was born!


Here are some things we decided to do/ not to do:

a) Not to show a higher monthly price just to push for an annual payment.

b) Not to fake a “free” product and load it up with locked away features. 

c) Not to constantly try to up-sell customers.

d) Not to take away features from a lower priced plan to a higher priced plan.

e) Not to implement a sliding scale volume of contacts based plans that do not give control on pricing.


What do you think? Do you agree with the points above? Do you think we should add anything more?



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