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Visual Pipeline Management2022-09-12T14:19:09+00:00
UPilot Insights Dashboard

Pipeline Management

Give the power of big picture thinking to your organization

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Just drag and drop!

As you move your deals forward, your total pipeline value is adjusted as well. No manual action is required.

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Easy drag and drop sales pipeline
Forecast with UPilot Deals Pipeline

Auto generated pipeline values

As you move the deals forward, your total pipeline value is adjusted as well! No need to spend time to manually change anything.

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100% Customizable… In seconds!

Every sales process is unique, and every pipeline will look different. You can simple change the number of stages, associated probability, and other things in just a couple of clicks.

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Customize your sales process with UPilot
UPilot reminds you missing follow-ups

Never drop the ball

If you’re not following up, you’re not selling. Check which deals don’t have a follow-up associated with them in a single glance.

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