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Full Control on
Permissions & Data Visibility

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As your business grows, you can’t afford newcomers to decide whether they show or not their sales activities and prospects.

UPilot Org Chart and roles
Easy visibility setup for each role
Easy Permissions setup for each role

Set your Org.
chart and Roles

Emulate your company’s reporting structure directly in your CRM in under 2 minutes.

Create and assign roles to each salesperson. They only get the access you want them to.

Set Your Team

Easily manage
Who sees What

Support staff needs to see the customer data but not the sales commission figures – manage who sees what in 3 clicks.

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Always Control
Who Can Do What

For each role, easily control what they can do – whether it be editing deals, viewing someone’s pipeline or export data…

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Role-based Access ≠ Enterprise Plan

Legacy CRMs know that you will ultimately need full control on visibility and permissions as you grow. Don’t fall in the trap!

All Legacy CRMs

Plan Role-Based Access
Basic Plan $ NO
Advanced Plan $$ NO
Enterprise Plan $$$$$ YES
Plan Role-Based Access
Take Off Free YES
The Climb $21/user/month YES
Cruise Control $42/user/month YES