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UPilot Presents…

A complete eSignature solution
to boost credibility and close deals faster

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SignOnJet, your e-signature solution for UPilot

UPilot’s Sign on Jet – a new document signing feature that allows you to send, receive and sign contracts inside your UPilot account. This saves your time, boosts clients’ trust, and speeds up the sales process.

Digitally Contracts with SignOnJet

Close deals faster

Contract signing is the moment of truth for companies.

Deals get closed faster if the items discussed are properly put in the document and sent to the customers for signing. This boosts client’s trust and also reduces their cognitive load.

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Full control over the contract signing process

  • Track the progress of signing directly from within the contact or deal.
  • Get notified whenever your document is viewed or signed.

This allows you to proactively reach out to the customers if they download the contract document but don’t take any action on it.

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Manage documents with digital signature in UPilot CRM

Increase sales team’s productivity

Usually, all the contract documents are kept somewhere else. But the deals are managed in the CRM.

Increase your sales team’s productivity by allowing them to send and receive the contracts inside UPilot’s CRM. 

Smooth your Sales Process

Thousands of Dollars Saved per Year!

Sign on Jet is built by UPilot and fully integrated with our CRM.

You won’t have to pay a single penny to use it. Not now… and never.

$2,940 / year

for a 5-member sales team

+ CRM Costs


for any team size

Sign on Jet is fully integrated with UPilot

SignOnJet is fully secure and GRPD compatible
  • Sign on Jet is developed and owned by UPilot.
  • Your data about contract signing will not be shared with any third-party vendors and will be safe with us.
  • It is also completely GDPR Compliant.
  • This feature comes with the state-of-the-art security standards such as HTTPS, SSL, SSH, IPsec, SFTP.
  • All requests are oAuth 2.0 authenticated.