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Roles, Users & Permissions2022-09-12T14:24:10+00:00
Visibility and permissions in UPilot Settings

Share a little, or share a lot – You decide

Get complete flexibility on exactly what you want to share and with whom.

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Set your company hierarchy

Emulate your company’s reporting structure directly in your CRM in under 2 minutes without needing to hire another person to do it for you.

Set up Roles and org chart in UPilot CRM

Create different roles

Create and assign roles to each salesperson so they only have the access you want them to.

Set up Who See What in UPilot CRM

Easily manage who sees what

Support staff needs to see the customer data but not the sales commission figures – manage who sees what in 3 clicks.

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Who can do what?

For each role, easily control what they can do – whether it be editing deals, or viewing someone’s pipeline.

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Set up Permissions in UPilot CRM