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Real time reporting

See your Cashflow forecasting in Real-time

As your deals progress forward and get closed, your reporting gets automatically updated so you always know how much revenue will be coming in this week, month, quarter and year.

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Recurring & Multiple Payments

Easily Manage Recurring Revenue and Multiple Payments

With UPilot, you can easily handle deals with recurring revenue and milestone based payments to always have an accurate forecast month after month.

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UPilot CRM Forecasting Segregate Revenue

Segregate Definite and Probable Revenue

With UPilot, you can easily check the forecast for the definite revenue coming from your won deals, v/s the revenue forecast coming in from the pipeline. Get a clear vision of your revenue stream.

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Drill Down Into Your Forecast

Drill Down to Raw Data

With an option to drill down to raw data just a click away, easily check the deals that make up each of your forecasts.

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Schedule a free demo from one of our sales experts to see
how UPilot can revolutionize the way you grow your sales.

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