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Fully Customizable2022-09-12T14:20:39+00:00
UPilot Custom Fields

Fully Customizable

The CRM that changes to fit your needs, and not the other way round

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Custom fields

UPilot lets you completely customize your fields, so you don’t need to change your workflow to fit your CRM.

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UPilot adapts to your business with custom fields
Customize your sales process with UPilot

Customize your pipeline

Manage your sales process better with a pipeline that can be fully customized in less than a minute.

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Create your own views

With the flexibility to create your own Custom Views, segment and focus on in a way that suits you best.

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Customize your sales process with UPilot
UPilot Insights - the full picture of your business

Your own dashboards and reports

Get complete control on how you want your dashboard and focus on what’s important for you

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Create your own tags & categories

Coupled with the powerful filters in UPilot, Tags and Categories significantly expand your customization by grouping and segmenting your contacts or deals the way you would like.

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Assign tags to your contacts and deals
Manage timezones with UPilot CRM

Manage timezones

Travelling to meet a client or got your team in different timezones? Simply change your personal time zone and never lose track of what you need to do.

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