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Role-based access, critical KPIs, pipeline, forecast, and more. Get the power of clarity for predictable growth

Text visilbe on mobile blabla loremp ipsum the CRM sales staff wants to use that also provides the insights that executives need to grow the business.

To grow, we need to measure Results, Performance KPIs and Revenue forecast.

Obtaining this visibility also requires role-based reporting and data access.

We need simplicity and ease of use.

Complex CRMs impact user adoption and slow us down, which finally gives the wrong insights.

Increase your sales.
Predict your future revenues.
Gain valuable insights for growth.

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Last year, UPilot helped manage $1.6 Billion in revenues.

Here is how fast-growing companies
reverse engineer their growth

Revenue forecast, Sales booked, Forecast and Deals lost by stage






They anticipate and do course corrections

Fast-growing companies calculate their expected revenue months ahead using this formula.
It helps them make adjustments and investments in advance.

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Deals pipeline with revenue predictions






They figure out what the size of the pipeline should be.

For example: If your closing ratio is 40% to get a $1M in revenue, your sales team must build a pipeline of deals worth $2.5M

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Manage, filter and segment your contacts

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They reverse engineer growth following these four steps.

  1. Calculate the closing ratio of your team
  2. Calculate the size of pipeline needed to achieve the target revenue
  3. Figure out what activities increase the pipeline
  4. Hire salespeople and assign targets for those activities
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simply organize your team, visibility, access and permissions rules with UPilot CRM

You cannot scale without a reporting structure or data visibility controls.

The numbers won’t be right if you are using “groups” with duplicate contacts or if you cannot control who sees what information.
Not having this system is the reason why companies that have figured out how to manage their growth migrate to complicated and costly CRMs.

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Getting stuck

Once companies grow big enough to figure out how to reverse engineer growth, they eventually migrate to complex and costly CRMs that have top down controls in place.

Our Mission

Give the right start from day one so you can quickly and at 0 costs:

  • set up data rules
  • start getting closing ratios and pipeline values needed to reverse engineer your growth.

Trusted all over the world

We have helped startups, INC500 companies, and Fortune 500 companies, avoid complexity and get to clarity and growth.

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