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Choosing a CRM today is confusing

What in theory is “pay as you grow” ends up becoming a game of plan upgrades, a “pay if you want to grow“.

Choosing a CRM has become the most confusing thing to do, with some people trying to make their own excel sheets and feature comparisons to try to make sense of it all.  It is time to make things simple.

A Powerful tool

On foot, human beings are slower than most animals, on a bicycle, things change. That is the power of tools. CRM is no different. The right CRM is not a store of information; it is a tool to control your revenues.

Knowing the size of the pipeline and your closing ratio tells you what revenues you can expect in 2,3,6 months from today. Conversely, you can determine what should be the size of the pipeline by setting up what revenues you need, knowing your closing ratio.

The right CRM insights give companies the control lever for their growth.

Some features you may not know you will need yet

Role-based access

If you ever grow your sales team, you cannot let each salesperson decide if they will share a contact/deal with you. This bottom-up sharing is unscalable because it creates a maze of information and inaccurate projections and you are forced to upgrade to a role-based access plan, then if you need more than two roles, you will end up paying upwards of $100 per user.

Most low priced plans start off with the unscalable approach to data sharing

Two-way email sync

Most lower-cost plans will not give you 2-way email sync, so you will upgrade to get some visibility on what is happening in the sales organization without having to wait or ask each time. However, you will soon need another feature – who can see which emails – again bottom up will not work, and you will have to upgrade again.

Audit logs

As your team grows, you will need to know, if someone changed the pricing of a deal, or deleted something even if by mistake. Most CRMs provide these logs only in their enterprise plans.

You get the idea; most pay more as you grow are locking away the very features you need to if you plan to grow but do not know yet.

Our goal and approach are different – to provide you with all features you need to grow up front to get to your first $1M in revenue without making you walk through a free trap and then a series of upgrades.  We want to deliver results by giving you all-powerful features upfront that you do not know you need yet.

For larger organizations, you can reduce the setup time and cost by as much as 90%.

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