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Is your business growth stuck
in a small business CRM?

The very logic used in small business CRM can stop you from growing your company beyond a small business of 2-3 people team.

Here is one example

Let us assume you are growing your sales team and you decided to add a couple of new sales staff. When they create contacts and deals, who can determine the visibility of those elements within the CRM?

The wrong approach to data sharing:

How visibility and permissions works in Small CRMs

To understand why this is wrong, first, let us discover the secret levers used by Data-driven companies to grow fast.

Go ahead and move the sliders below to see what would be the impact of a 2% increase in the closing ratio on your revenues.

You can also enter your actual numbers. Move the sliders to see the impact
Number of Leads
# of Customers
Current Conversion Ratio: 10%
New Conversion Ratio: 12%
Average Sale ($)
Purchase / Referral Frequency
Current Revenue $1800000
New Revenue
  1. You can start by typing in the number of customers.
    ( if you do not know the current conversion ratio, you can leave it at 10% the idea is to see the impact of small increments)
  2. Can you find a way to add more value to your customers in the next year, if yes, how much more value can you add and what increment can you make on the prices, move the slider to the level of increase you can achieve
  3. Can you get your customers to buy more, or at least make them happy to refer 10% more customers next year? If yes, move the slider to what you think you can achieve.

Now see the compounding impact of these tiny improvements can have on your revenues.

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There are two major problems when the data sharing logic of your CRM is wrong.

The right way to manage data access and reporting

When every member of the team can decide who can see what data, the resulting chaos in information is like giving a steering wheel to every passenger.  To grow your business beyond startup – you need a top-down system.

Go ahead and move the sliders below

5,760 contacts of everyone with the same role in the team
Peer Group
52 deals for which user is responsible are visible
Own Data

Accurate insights
help you achieve predictable growth

UPilot automatically gives you this data in the insights section.

Deals lost reasons and Closing ratio, two of the many critical insights in UPilot

Which path would you take?

Choosing a CRM - The path to complexity

Companies that implement complex legacy CRM solutions often struggle with adoption and hence meaningful insights.

UPilot is the fastest way to get into an advanced CRM and become a data-driven company to grow your business.

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