Great seller becoming manager... not always successfull

A simple checklist to ensure you promote the right candidate to Sales Manager

So you are considering or already promoted someone from your staff, who is liked by all as Sales Manager only to find out it was not working out?

We often forget that there are 12 Emotional Intelligence competencies. Some capabilities are critical to lead a team, and these skills cannot be clubbed into one box of likability.


For example, once in the leadership position, the great team player has to suddenly deal with that team member that has a kiss up – Kick down attitude, which means the new leader should confront the employee that is causing the trouble. However, the leader might lack the competency of conflict management.


We have put together a Free template where on each of the 12 attributes, you will be able to rank the candidate you have in mind. You can also use it as a tool to identify areas that need to be developed.


Each of the 12 attributes can be divided into 4 major domains, namely: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.


Self Awareness

  • Emotional Self Awareness: Ability to understand own emotions and it’s impact on performance


Self Management

  • Self Control: Ability to control disruptive emotions and impulses under stressful conditions
  • Adaptability: Ability to handle change, stay flexible to different approaches to the goal etc.
  • Achievement Orientation: Set challenging goals, taking calculated risks, pushing the limits of excellence
  • Positive Outlook: Ability to stay positive about people, situations and events despite setbacks and roadblocks


Social Awareness

  • Empathy: Ability to see others point of view, interest in their concerns and judging other feelings
  • Organizational Awareness: Ability to understand teams’s emotional currents and power relationships, identifying influencers, networks and dynamics


Relationship Management

  • Influence: Ability to persuade and convince others
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Ability to motivate and give feedback to develop skills in others
  • Conflict Management: Ability to simmering issues to the surface and deal with them
  • Inspirational Leadership: Ability to inspire and guide
  • Team Work: Active participation, sharing responsibility and reward

There are many commercially available tests you can use depending on how deep you want to dive and how diligent you want to be before making the decision. Links to those commercially available tests are available at the end of the article.



Links to commercial products you can use:

  • MSCEIT (Developed by Yale University President Peter Salovey and his colleagues)
  • ESCI 360 (Developed with Korn Ferry Hay Group)
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