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A Direct Sync of Your Emails Making BCC Obsolete

Direct Sync Your Emails

Keep just a single tab open with the UPilot Direct Sync by syncing your Gmail, Exchange, as well as SMTP/IMAP emails directly to your account

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Send Your Emails from Within UPilot

Making BCC Obsolete

You no longer need to BCC every Email that you send to your prospect! All your Email conversations are automatically linked to your contacts in UPilot.

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Gauge Interest Levels With Email Tracking

Collaboration made easy

With the complete picture of who in your organization is in touch with your target prospect, collaborating with your colleagues on closing deals quickly has never been easier.

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Gauge Interest Levels With Email Tracking

Track interest levels

Track when your prospect opens your emails, so you always have the right people to follow up with, gauge their interest levels, and close more deals

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Control Email Privacy

Total control on

Email Privacy

With a single click, you get to decide who can see your emails! Else, have an email you’re not ready to share yet? Simply mark it as private, and it’s done.

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how UPilot can revolutionize the way you grow your sales.

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