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Integrated Productivity tools

Because a patchwork of add-ons and extras multiplies complexity and slows down your growth.

The greatest Account Based model CRM

A holistic view of each of your firm’s accounts through a uniquely designed 360 view where every contact and deal is connected back to the account, presented in a single plane is like looking at a map and instantly figuring out where your customer is today and where you want them to be.

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No more Bcc links with UPilot CRM

Forget bcc links and team inboxes

No one remembers to put bcc links all the time. The incoming mails will never find its way to CRM this way anyway.  With UPilot’s algorithms, watch both your incoming and outgoing emails appear magically in the CRM, and visibility is controlled based on your company rules in 2 clicks.

And yes, you easily can control the visibility. Also, private emails do not make it into UPilot!

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UPilot CRM Automated Data Entry

Data enrichment that saves hours of research and updating

With UPilot assist, save over 2 hours per day by no longer having to lookup and manually add update information. Just add the email address and UPilot takes care of the rest.

Combined with automatic 2-way email sync, you can focus on selling rather than updating.

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Get the Real Time Situation Awareness with UPilot Radar

Want to know which deals advanced this week? Was there an important email from a customer that you could help your staff with?

Catch up on your team’s activities at 4 am!

Simplicity boils down to two steps: identifying the essential, and eliminating the rest.

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