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Take Off $ 29 per user / month
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Cruise Control - Contact us -
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Price 29$ / user / month 49$ / user / month Contact us
Lead Management Track, filter, and manage your leads check check check
Contact Management A complete view of all your contacts, prospects, and customers including their history, details and internal discussions. check check check
Smart Contact Don’t have much information about a contact? With just an email address, UPilot automatically adds all the important information for you. check check check
UPilot Lists Segment your contacts, deals, or tasks through custom lists check check check
Duplicate Blocking Improve the data quality through notifications when a duplicate contact is being added to the account check check check
Deal Management Know the exact status and get all the details of a deal in a single glance. check check check
Visual Kanban Pipeline Track and update your sales pipeline with simple drag-and-drop functionality. check check check
@mentions for Collaboration Use @mentions in your notes and easily collaborate with your team. check check check
Social Media Integration With social media profiles added with just an email address, you don’t need to spend time looking. check check check
Task Management Never drop the ball using the task management inside UPilot check check check
Note templates Create and use 1 click templates for your notes check check check
Mobile App Stay updated and act on the go with the UPilot iOS and Android app check check check
UPilot Radar A detailed timeline view of activities of your sales team. check check check
2-way email integration with Gmail / Office 365 A direct sync of your email makes sending BCC links obsolete. check check check
Email open tracking Track when and how many times a prospect has opened your emails to prioritize your follow ups check check check
KPI Dashboard Measure Sales, closing ratios, time to sell, pipeline values of individuals and teams using ready to use dashboards. check check check
Custom Fields UPilot adapts to your way of doing business, grow without imposing change on people. check check check
File Storage Store your files directly on your contact or deal along with your notes check check check
Roles and Permissions Easily manage who can see, edit, delete what data in 3 clicks without having to hire a system admin. check check check
Automatic prospects sync Get automatic recommendations of your hot prospects check check
Manage Complex Deals Manage deals involving multiple stakeholders check check
Sales Goals Management Easily set and track the goals for the sales booked for your team across time-frames, responsibles, etc check check
Team Activity Tracking Find out what activities are contributing to increasing sales. check check
Sales and Opportunity Leaderboard Gamification through activity, opportunity, and sales ranking. check check
Visualize Cashflow Visualise cash flows from won deals and pipelines without having to spend hours in spreadsheets. check check
Revenue projection by probability Predict if the team will hit the Quotas in advance to be able to make corrections in time. check check
Integration with 100s of Apps Connect with MailChimp, Xero, Trello, etc. check check
Control and manage external applications Easily manage how much data is sent to 3rd party applications. check check
Monitor Delegated Tasks Custom views of tasks assigned to team members. check check
Teams in Multiple Time Zones Got your team spanning multiple time zones? We have you covered. check check
Smart Business Cards Scan a business card and it gets added as a contact check
Advanced UPilot Assist Functions Discover new leads and hot prospect suggestions, follow-up recommendations and much more. check
Social Wall* The complete social media context of all your prospects - directly inside the CRM check
Online knowledge base and email support Get up and running quickly with the self help articles on our help portal check check check
Dedicated Support Get direct chat access to support agents online check
Free Onboarding and Custom Migration Our expert consultants take care of migrating, customising, onboarding and ongoing training check

* Coming soon

UPilot Platform Access

Unlimited Platform Access*

  • Access all take off features
  • Add up to 15 team members
  • No nagging upgrade requests
  • No time limit

$49 for up to 15 users with access to all features.

* Up to 1000 contacts

Increase your sales.
Predict your future revenues.
Gain valuable insights for growth.

14 days unlimited free trial

No credit card required

14 days unlimited free trial

No credit card required

Commonly Asked Questions

What is platform access?

Platform access gives you all features for up to 15 users for $49.  Ideal solution for early stage companies or as the solution to evaluate UPilot beyond 14 days with all features.

What are the limits of platform access?

There are absolutely no hidden limits that you will stumble upon, the platform access is to ensure you have a good start with the right CRM. The only limit is the number of contacts as mentioned above.

Why is it important to have role based access?

Here is a page that explains the importance of starting with role-based access to grow your company.

Why UPilot does not use record limits like other CRMs for lower plans?

Record limits are very difficult to keep track of and are often used just to show a large number. We want to keep it simple, easy to understand, and easy to measure.

Do I get a 14 day trial even if I decide to go for platform access?

Yes, everyone gets full feature access and a 14 day trial for free.

What happens if I decide not to continue after the free trial?

Your account gets deactivated automatically 30 days after the trial is over.

Can I export my data if the trial does not work out?

Yes, you can export all your contacts and deals data anytime.

Is there a commitment period?

For the platform access and take off plan, you can cancel anytime unless specified in your contract document. All other plans require a minimum one year commitment.

What if I used a discount code?

All accounts activated using a discount code require a minimum one-year commitment.

How secure is UPilot?

Here is a full list of frequently asked security questions

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