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Instant Adoption & Better Forecasting

No one likes spending hours in excel sheets to get forecasting done.

Updating the pipeline status of a deal is now reduced from 15 to 20 clicks and steps to just a simple drag and drop.

UPilot CRM Visual Pipeline

UPilot's Visual pipeline gives you the ability to see Instantly which deals are progressing and take immediate action to close more deals.

Real data, real insights

UPilot's proven high adoption by Sales people means that actual data gets captured in real-time. As a result, you get accurate insights to drive your sales strategy.

Manage Your Cashflow

Anticipate your cash flow

UPilot provides key preconfigured dials where you can track cash flow projections and revenue projections and can handle recurring revenues and multiple milestone based payments too.

Instant Sales Analysis & Reporting

Clarity is Power.
Figure out what is working in the moment and how to improve it even more.

All sales reports are auto generated in real time, with a drill down to raw data. No more spending hours generating sales reports in excel sheets.

Get complete control on how you want your dashboard and focus on what's important for you.

Reporting and Dashboards

Compare what's working, and how your business is growing with simple customizable dials designed to save you time.

An insight is of no use if it cannot be verified by getting to the raw data that led to that conclusion. Simply click on the title of a chart or dial and you have instant access to the data behind it.

With the UPilot Radar, you'll always know what's going on in your team and spot danger before it gets too close.

With the ability to track each salesperson's activity, the Radar helps you decide what to focus on and where you best spend your time.

Customize it Your Way

Your business is unique and UPilot adapts to your ways of doing business

UPilot let's you customise your fields, so you don't need to change your workflow to fit your CRM.

Manage your sales process better with a pipeline that can be fully customised in less than a minute

With the flexibility to create your own Custom Views, you get to segment and focus on in a way that suits you best

Create the dashboards and reports to help you focus on what's important for you.

Significantly expand your customisation by grouping your contacts or deals the way you would like to with Tags, and categories

Travelling to meet a client or got your team in different timezones? Simply change your personal time zone and never lose track of what you need to do

The simple Role Based security, visibility, and access

Emulate your company's reporting structure directly in your CRM in under 2 minutes without needing to hire another person to do it for you

Create and assign roles to each salesperson so they only have the access you want them to

Support staff needs to see the customer data but not the sales commission figures - manage who sees what in 3 clicks.

For each role, easily control what they can do - whether it be editing deals, or viewing someone's pipeline

Close More Deals Faster

Focus on what's important with your contact's information all available in a single glance

Never lose track of what's going on with a prospect with the history feed that is designed to show you what's important

Increase close rate by 20 to 40% using our unique approach to ensure that no deal is lost because of a lack of follow up.

Keep just a single tab open with the UPilot Direct Sync by syncing your Gmail, Exchange, as well as SMTP/IMAP emails directly to your account so you can send and receive emails in your account

You no longer need to BCC every Email that you send to your prospect! All your Email conversations are automatically linked to your contacts in UPilot.

Track when your prospect opens your emails, so you always have the right people to follow up with, gauge their interest levels, and close more deals

With a single click, you get to decide who can see your emails! Else, have just a single email you're not ready to share yet? Simply mark it as private, and it's done.

With UPilot assist, save over 20 hours per month per salesperson by no longer needing to look for and manually add information. Just add the email address and UPilot takes care of the rest.

UPilot CRM Automated Data Entry

Find the contacts details of any Company or Person including all social media information with just an Email address!

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