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Here are some questions you may have in your mind for which UPilot can provide answers for.

Which deals have progressed this week?

Did the team receive any important emails that need my attention?

Are the current activities mapping to the expected results?

Are there any opportunities for me to proactively support the team?

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Can I create easily manageable lists of contacts into suppliers, partners, VIP customers etc?

When was the last contact with this customer/ prospect and when is the next follow up?

What volume of business has been generated so far from a particular group?

Who else in my company knows or has interacted with a contact?

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How can I get visibility on a direct report’s communication with prospects without asking for bcc all the time?

Can my staff keep using the emailing system they are used to and still get visibility in the CRM automatically?

Can I control the visibility of emails in the system quickly?

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How can I save time by creating templates for similar situations?
How can I get new salespeople up to speed faster by sharing email templates?
How can we optimize for open rate and engagement across the whole team?
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Can UPilot handle recurring revenues?

What about multiple payments like a combination of products and services?

Can I link products/ services to payments and quantities to get the answers to :

  • How many articles of which types have we sold?
  • What is the average rate that we sell?
  • What is the most frequent day rate that we sell?
  • What products are we selling the most of?
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Can UPilot handle complex deals with multiple stakeholders?

Can UPilot handle deals involving multiple stakeholders?

Can deal probability be manually overridden for better forecasting?

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Can I get sales forecasts with a single click?

Can I do a pipeline review to ensure future revenues are predictable?

Can I know in a single glance which deals are being followed up?

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Can I schedule tasks with reminders?

Can I delegate and monitor the progress of delegated tasks?

Can the tasks in UPilot sync to my calendars?

Can I tag a colleague using @mention so that internal discussions stay on the timeline?

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Can I keep business and personal contacts separate easily?

Can I import and create contacts that I want in the CRM with a single click?

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Can I measure the results and activities of the team?

Can I get the future revenue projections?

Can I conduct a Monthly/Quarterly meeting without waiting for the reports to be generated?

Can I compare results from various time frames side by side?

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Can I implement Role-based access without having to migrate to complex solutions?

Can I map reporting structure and visibility on to the CRM without having to pay a set up fee or hiring a system admin?

Can I have more than two roles without having to pay for higher editions?

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Can I create deals in $, £ and Euros?

Can I see a change in pipeline value if there is currency value change?

Can different salespeople set different currencies as their default currency?

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Can my teams in different regions use different languages?

Can members within the same team have different languages based on their preference?

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Can I get data from online forms and other applications like marketing solutions into UPilot?

Can data from UPilot go automatically to my accounting software?

Can I generate more custom reports which are very specific to my industry automatically?

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Can I automatically change responsible for a deal based on stage / status?

Can tasks be automatically generated and assigned based on the stage/ status of a deal or contact?

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