Case Study: CellPoint Mobile

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Global sales expansion through time zone flexibility, remote management, and snappy adoption

CellPoint Mobile helps airlines do business in the direct channel with passengers, and helps them increase revenue and margins dramatically. With their solutions in place, airlines typically see an incremental increase of 4.5% to 9.5% in revenue with just the current footfall!


  • Rapid worldwide expansion to more than 6 countries and counting
  • Needed a sales management system that requires less training
  • If a complex system is not adopted by sales staff, management will be at a loss to find out what is happening in the global offices.

The UPilot Solution

  • Implemented in their headquarters within 2 days
  • Full control on data access
  • Absolutely no formal training required for any new staff added


  • The CEO, Kristian, is happy that he did not go for complex legacy systems
  • Enthusiastic adoption of salespeople in turn leading to better data for the management
  • No slowing down for CRM implementation
  • No “certifications” and associated costs

Learn why CellPoint Mobile chose UPilot over Salesforce

Headquarters: Miami, United States

Industry: Payments

Global Office Locations: Miami, London, Copenhagen, Pune, Singapore, Dubai

Notable Clients:

Achieve faster growth without imposing complexity on your people

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