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Do not let spreadsheet reports and third-party add-ons slow you down. Introducing integrated and real-time reporting.

UPilot Reports KPI Dashboard

Built in analytics to understand, forecast, and optimize your sales.

Automatically turns the natural actions of your sales staff into decision-quality reports without any particular expertise or training needed to build complex reports or 3rd party applications.

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Reports Integration Google

Auto-generated Reports

Your competitors are using predictive analytics to project the future before taking decisions. If you are still using old data in spreadsheets, or 3rd party addons that you need to synchronize each time it is like driving a car looking in the rear-view mirror.

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Reporting Cashflow

Access to Raw Data

Beautifully designed bar graphs and pie charts make it easy to have an overview. However, when you spot something that needs further investigating, it is super critical to have the raw data that made up those graphs not more than one click away and being updated in real time regardless of which time zone your team is in right now.

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