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Advanced Sales CRM without the complexity, high implementation and upgrade costs, and user adoption issues.

The “enterprise plan” is our enemy.

We are here to wage war against hiding features that are needed to grow your business inside "enterprise plans." Once you have entered all your contacts - then start the constant "Talk to sales" and upgrade if you want this and that cycle. We think there should be a better way. We do not have a free plan, and one day if we do, it will be full access with clearly defined one or two limits. When you buy a CRM, look at the pricing at the right side end of the pricing plans, that is where they want to take you. And they do it with something we call "Feature confusion." Customers, when they start, do not know what features they are going to need, so some fall for low price, some fall for the free trap, but all end up in the endless upgrade train journey to the "enterprise plan." Some opt to be stuck with lower plans with an inefficient tool and lack of insights, reports, forecasts, role-based access, audit logs, and more... Our enemy is the enterprise plan of CRMs.. our goal is to roll out as many features as possible to you, not find some creative ways to push you through a funnel of escalating costs.

Upilot is the right product for you if..

You feel locked out of critical features after a trial when you have to choose a lower-priced plan.

You were tricked into adding 100s of contacts into a "free" CRM and when you want to make it functional - having to pay 100s of dollars.

You are having to think deeply each time you need a feature if is going to be worth it because you have to upgrade the whole team to a higher plan

You are frustrated that once you upgrade your plan, all new users can be added only at that higher cost level

Implementing a CRM looks like you are buying a custom Rolls Royce with sleek presentations, unknown cost factors, and long implementation cycles

Your CRM implementation is trying to squeeze all business lines into a single instance, making things way more complicated than necessary

You have to pay $100/user just because you have more than two roles or need audit trails of who did what in the CRM

If any of the above sounds true, then UPilot is built, keeping you in mind.

UPilot is used by companies to manage hundreds of millions in revenue, which means for a fast-growing company, we have all features built-in for scalability that you can set up and running without setting up costs and complexity.

In UPilot, what you see is what you get. For example, we do not show you high data storage but block you with record limits for each plan that actually makes the first point meaningless. We do not claim to have made CRM free whereas all that is a trap to make you put in the contacts that you cannot take out later and charge you to the moment you want to add a custom field or upload a few files.

we also have strong views on privacy and data security, and we believe your data should not be used to subsidize your services. Also, some of the data you would bring into the CRM might actually belong to your customers.

You can read our article on privacy why we believe " I have nothing to hide" is a terrible strategy towards privacy.

We also do not use a third companies API whose name you will never see to handle your email integration. If you have not asked that question to your CRM vendor if all your emails get dealt with by a 3rd company without disclosing it to you, perhaps you should.

You can see answers to your questions on security here

UPilot is for companies who want to grow and wants to make sure you have a robust alternative to going to legacy complex CRM because you got stuck again.

This could be one of the reasons why most of our customers are people who have gone through the cycle of being stuck in spreadsheets, small business solutions and painful and costly legacy software that no one uses. Here is what some of these customers have to say about UPilot.

For those companies, UPilot has consistently given 70% cost reduction ten times faster rollout and greater and enthusiastic adoption by sales people that lead to real insights needed to grow even more.

Ready to start growing your business?

What Inspires Us?

We believe that sales is one of the noblest of professions inside any business.

We are not wedded to a set of ideas on about how to do something. We do not listen to people who say it cannot be done, or that it is not how things are done around here.

When we built UPilot we had one thing in mind, how can we make sure the sales person wins; how do we make sure the sales manager can lead quietly with powerful insights?

We have been on both sides of the team, as sales people and as sales managers, we do things that will make their life better, and then we listen, listen closely to them on what can help them make a win. Then we go ahead and improve a bit more.

At the end of the day, we want to make salespeople perform better, focus on results rather than on activities and entering data. That is the culture of UPilot.

What is the most exciting feature we are working on?
… it’s the next one!

Story behind our logo

The UPilot logo is inspired by the attitude meter inside an aircraft’s dashboard that indicates the angle of the plane in comparison to the horizon. This instantly shows whether you are climbing, heading down, or cruising.

The UPilot logo embodies our passion in making systems you can take with you on your business journey, making it an exciting and productive experience.

Using Our Logo?

We have provided two versions that you may download and use.
For the UPilot partner logo or any other particular brand assets, please contact us directly.
Please do not alter the logos in any way.

Thank you.

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